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Covid-19 Update

The COVID-19 Lockdown has affected training plans throughout South Africa. As Lockdown lifts, level by level, we present our new public training schedule for the rest of 2020. Other on-demand courses are also listed below. All physical training will take with strict social distancing measures in place. We also offer a special package of COVID-19 related content via podcasts.

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                     Scheduled Public Courses for 2021

Initiating a Disciplinary Hearing: 22-23 April 2021

 This Initiating Disciplinary Hearings programme gives the delegates the knowledge and understanding of investigating, preparing and   presenting misconduct allegations in disciplinary proceedings.


Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing: 27-28 May 2021

This Chairing Disciplinary Hearings programme gives the delegates the knowledge and understanding of conducting a disciplinary hearing   as a Chairperson. This workshop will allow delegates to conduct hearings and to administer disciplinary principles in a fair and consistent manner.

Developing Basic Cross Examination Skills: 24-25 June 2021


In cases where the facts are 50/50, the side with the better cross-examiner wins.  Cross-examination is thus an essential skill for everyone  involved in     labour and industrial relations, whether you represent a party, chair a hearing or are involved in litigation support. Delegates are also taught how to make compelling closing arguments, the ethics of litigation and how to develop and build a reputation among arbitrators and presiding officers.

Cross Examination Master Class: 29-30 July 2021

This master- class is designed to sharpen the skills of already experienced cross examiners and to enhance the performance of key witnesses. We examine the psychology, law and advocacy skills behind being persuasive and believable.

Case Law Update: August 2021

To be Confirmed

Forensic Investigation in Labour Law: 29-30 September 2021

How often does an employee get away with misconduct such as fraud, corruption, sexual harassment or abuse of company property because investigators could not find sufficient proof of these acts?

This highly specialized course introduces delegates to techniques that effectively bring evidence of wrong-doing to light while at the same time indicating applicable legal limits. Delegates will practice interviewing ‘suspects’. They are also exposed to common holes in logical reasoning that negatively affect the proper outcome of investigations. Finally, delegates are shown how to produce succinct, sound and convincing investigation reports upon which their own managers can rely with confidence.

Advanced Law of Evidence: 28-29 October 2021

This course shows delegates how to apply the rules and legal principles that govern proof of facts in a legal proceeding. It looks at these rules that determine what evidence must or must not be considered by the trier of fact in reaching its decision. The gathering, analysis and presentation of tricky pieces of digital and device evidence is covered, enhancing skills of the investigator and initiator at internal disciplinary proceedings and representatives at arbitrations.

Classroom exercises will focus on the tactical and practical aspects of advanced evidence issues in Labour Law helping delegates expand their advocacy skills.

This course is highly interactive and facilitated by trainers who have extensive litigation experience.

Course Offerings

Advanced Labour Relations
Advanced Witness Skills
Case Law Update
Disability Law
Diversity Management
Employment Equity Principles & Discrimination
Essential Labour Law
Emotional Intelligence
Evidence in the Digital Age
Mediating Workplace Disputes
Negotiations Skills
Organizational Rights
Practical Guidelines on CCMA Proceedings
Presentation Skills
Policy Development
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Strategic Absenteeism Management
Trade Union Organiser Training