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Here are links to our new podcast series. We focus on labour law questions faced by employers during and after the Corona Lockdown.  In episode 1 we look at employees refusing to return to work when the company re-opens. 

We consider various COVID-19 Guidelines, the OHS Act and workplace discipline.



There are 12 episodes in all, hosted by Heinrich Böhmke and Joanne Philip. If you like this one, please contact us to subscribe to the rest.

Our motivation in delivering this content in a podcast is because you are busier than ever. Scheduling a video conference is no-one’s idea of a good time. So, we prefer to give you bite-size inputs which you can listen to when it suits you –over a morning coffee or driving to work. Should questions arise, we are happy to take telephone or video calls with you – or your management team – to address them.

We offer cutting-edge legal and HR content, a bit of training and strategic advice wrapped up in a package that suits your needs. You decide – Podcast only, or Podcast plus Video-Facilitation (for groups), or Podcast plus Strategic Advice (for individuals).

We cover these topics: 

Episode 1:      Refusal to return to work

Episode 2:      Differentiating between employees based on Health, Age and Risk Factors

Episode 3:      Changes to contracts of employment, shifts and remuneration

Episode 4:       Leave issues going forward, including isolation periods and adjusting annual leave

Episode 5:       Corona infection as an Injury on Duty

Episode 6:       Managing output of Home-Workers

Episode 7:       New forms of misconduct and inefficiency, new operating procedures

Episode 8:       Investing in employee psychological wellness

Episode 9:       Conducting (and completing) formal disciplinary processes remotely

Episode 10:     Mediating disputes, reality checks and the new rules of legal engagement

Episode 11:     Retrenchment, alternatives, lay-offs, bankruptcy and closure processes

Episode 12:     Case Law trends: a discussion with senior counsel