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Our trainer panel comprises only the best legal and training professionals, people with intellectual flair and experience in the subjects they teach. We are an empowered company, with excellent track record who service prestige clients all over South Africa and into the rest of Africa and the United Kingdom.

Linda Muthu

Linda Muthu


Customised In-House Training, Public Courses, Annual Seminars

Linda is the financial and operations manager of Meridian. She oversees the call centre, marketing, sales and logistics. Linda’s managerial skills are well-honed in a career in training organisations spanning over 20 years, especially as the divisional manager in a multi-national publishing company. 

Linda’s passion is quality-control. She keenly analyses trainer feedback, venue suitability and ensures up-to-date material. She is able to put together customised training interventions at competitive prices that are designed to meet every client’s unique needs.


Joanne Philip

Joanne Philip


Facilitator, Business Strategist & Consultant

Joanne is a practising attorney, specialising in employment law. She is on the disciplinary chairperson and appeal panels of a number of blue-chip enterprises. She has a strong understanding of collective labour law and is equally at home training hard and soft skills courses. Joanne is an experienced and popular facilitator with management and union clients alike. This makes her particularly effective in relationship-building initiatives.

Joanne provides strategic advice to business and government departments and often litigates for them. She is a skilful drafter of policy too, asked to put together disciplinary codes, employment equity reports, job adverts and the like.


Heinrich Bohmke

Heinrich Bohmke


Facilitator, Author & Consultant

Heinrich is an experienced facilitator, mediator and the author of material used to train thousands of delegates over the years, including attorneys, police officers, HR officials and investigative reporters throughout South Africa, Africa and the UK. He also investigates and successfully initiates in complex misconduct matters for government departments, universities and private companies.

Heinrich’s experience in asset forfeiture cases and strategic litigation makes him a sought-after advisor to those involved in high-stakes conflict situations.

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